GAIA - The Origin
Categorie: Expositie
Datum: april 2021

M.A.D.S. Gallery Milano, contemporary physical gallery located in one of the most lively areas of Milan, totally set up with screens, video projectors and touch screen monitors (the first multimedia gallery with this permanent, digital set-up, unique and innovative). M.A.D.S. has monitors (currently 50”, 55”, 60”) in both the 2 floors of the location, vertical and horizontal size, to optimally accommodate all kinds of dimensions and to make the real dimensions of the work stand out. Touch screen monitors allow the viewer to zoom and enhance every detail for a great result. M.A.D.S. is able to create and guarantee a continuous multimedia exhibition with the use of new video system projection technologies.


In fact, this year 2020, despite the situation of break caused by Covid19, M.A.D.S. never stopped one day to work for its artists that never stopped receiving services of representation. Buyers, press, public, collectors and artists have been able to enjoy the exhibitions as always, thanks to M.A.D.S. multimedia set-up, through all its digital channels, with live streaming and reportage. This system allows sales all over the world, because M.A.D.S. works on an international level with media and digital tools, so doesn't need a person coming physically in location, to complete a sale. People can see the artists and their work everywhere, in every moment. The public limitation (due to the ban on public gatherings) did not entail any loss for the artists to whom all services have been guaranteed. I can say we really made a difference in this period, where all was still.


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